Proposal: For my final project, I decided to take a look at the Call of Duty series of video games, since the most recent one came out just this year. Though I am not an avid gamer, I found the “war” genre of video games to be very interesting in its relation to and interaction with our society and culture today. I was also inspired my friends’ addictions to playing C.O.D. The above menus are the three angles I analyzed C.OD. through.

Acknowledgements: First, I would like to think both Dr. Sample and many of my classmates for helping point me in the right direction to fulfill the idea I wanted to explore in my project. Second, I would like to thank many members of the Davidson Men’s Soccer Team for playing a lot of Call of Duty, and either letting me watch and record, or sending me videos when I could not be there for the countless hours that they played… Finally, I would like to thank a friend, Dylan Carmack, for his extensive knowledge on the best Call of Duty YouTube channels to explore. Thanks to you all for all the help!

I hope you enjoy my research and work I have represented on this site!